2 Comments to “Pusha T Vs Drake: Extraordinary Beef”

  1. Kolawole Ehinlaye says : Reply

    Waowwww this is shocking I never knew we could interested as believers

  2. Sunny says : Reply

    The beef between Drake and Pusha T is an obvious war of words. There is no love lost between them and they are not pretending about it.
    What is fishy however, is when your pretentious best friend is in the business of fabricating tissue of lies, digging up your non existent secret sins and putting it all out in the public domain. If your best friend said you did it then you did it. Nobody in church will believe you. Everybody looks at you like an alien in this clan.

    D is a defined enemy. Pusha T is not Drakes bestie. Problem is we also have beef with our friends and family sometimes without our knowing. Secreting making us to greave only to come openly to comfort us. Stinging you and fanning you all at once. Frienemies. They give you more fishes to fry than beef.

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