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  1. Love is an exceptional quality and it takes a whole lot to love, be loved and able to stay true in love. Every relationship has its own ups and downs, its friction and force, momentum and inertia. For a relationship to be successful, one must be able to turn a blind eye to a lot of stuff done by the other. These are two people from totally different background, most esp if one is a yoruba/igbo and the other is calabar/hausa and vice versa as the case may be. It takes a whole lot of hell to stay together, love can’t do it alone, every other qualities must be involved inasmuch as we know LOVE is the greatest of them all.

    I was talking my teenagers about the difference between the FRUIT of the Spirit and the GIFT of the Spirit. The difference of them all is LOVE. Everyone can fake the Gift of the Spirit but you can’t fake LOVE, you can’t fake PEACE, you can’t fake PATIENCE etc, and for every Gift of the Spirit contains the 9 fruits of the Spirit. And all the fruits are essential for a relationship to stay longer for better. If I have LOVE but no PATIENCE, it doesn’t make sense. So we should seek a healthy relationship through God.

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