2 Comments to “Entreprenuership Is Stewardship”

  1. Ariere says : Reply

    Not everyone has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. However, he that is an employee should know that he is in a position of stewardship as well. He is accountable to the one who employed him (efficiency & effectiveness), he is accountable to himself (discipline & dedication) and he is accountable to God (for giving him that position; someone else could have been there).

    Let us not use our position of stewardship whether as an employee or an entrepreneur for evil for we will certainly give account.

  2. Lucky says : Reply

    Until one begins to see entrepreneurship as one of the many vehicles required to achieve/ succeed in stewardship, it becomes or remains a mere word.
    Man was never created to have dominion alone but to be at the apex / cutting edge of problem solving which in itself is Service. The role of entrepreneurship in our day to day lives as seen in the nation’s current reality can never be over emphasized. It is therefore a clarion call for a mental rebooting from our old mindset and ways of seeing stewardship to the original and better way of doing it. Let’s get it right.


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