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  1. Olumide says : Reply

    Hi #Mondaymarket,

    I’m an architect and I’m in the construction industry.
    This happened to my business too a while back and here are a fee things I did that worked for me:

    -I enter into a signed contract with the individual, stating the probationary period and also the incentives that will come if he fulfils his own end of the contract. At this point he knows its not child’s play and that we are in it for business.

    – decide what type of investment/training to pour on that staff that shows prospects.

    -Create that sense of “its also your business too”, that also gives them a sense of belonging.

    -incentives and rewards for staff on projects executed and concluded excellently will spur them to outperform one another.

    Thank you.

  2. Wale Adeyemi says : Reply

    This really got me thinking. Do we now say we don’t want to train staffs for the fear of them cross-carpetting to competitions? Or do we train them to improve our business and then hope they don’t decide they want to sabotage our business for their own selfish gain? In fact, I was thinking about make one’s employees sign a contract that binds them to work with the company for a predetermined period during which they get the very best trainings required for their optimal performance on the job and include that they would have to transfer whatever knowledge the have learnt on such trainings to colleagues and subordinates alike. Just my thoughts on the matter.

  3. Zele says : Reply

    An employee can’t really be held back perpetually because of training expenses incurred by employer. Bridget can consider entering a bond and or non-compete agreement with relevant employees

  4. Ariere says : Reply

    Every business should have a structure. Not having a structure is like not having rules. Roles and responsibilities should be clearly spelt out and responsibility and reporting lines should also be spelt out.

    Like Olumide says, having a signed contract is very key and with this contract, the roles and responsibilities of the person. Creating an enabling environment of growth and development is also good for a business.

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