4 Comments to “A Mother’s Guilt”

  1. Wemimo says : Reply

    Sadly we allow the polished front others put forward cloud our judgement. I guess we moms just have to stop setting a Martha Stewart standard for ourselves.

  2. Ayomipo says : Reply

    Please don’t allow frustration to rule your world. Avoid inner critics and try as much as possible to move on with your life. Its good to hear that you have a baby now. Please take good care of the baby ask as many questions as possible from friends and relatives I believe you can you .Nothing is Wrong with you. Don’t allow Stress to take your hAppiness from you. The gift that God has given that is your baby. Take care of her, Be happy and take good care of yourself as well . if you need dAys off work pls do to ensure your home is put in order . Pray , make friends , laugh and most importantly Be grateful for what you hAve and never compAre yourself with others.

  3. Kafilat says : Reply

    It is not a competition, what matters is me doing my very best for my kids and not how others are doing.

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