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  1. Qball says : Reply

    It’s always fun reading here.
    My take on this topic without any apology to ladies is that women are actually battling themselves and we men are been drawn into the battle. They call us scum, cheat etc and my question is when we cheat, with whom do we commit the act with?!!! Yes you got it WOMEN.

    I see no reason why a woman would see a full grown “MARRIED” man and still go ahead to sleep with, some even go as far as using diabolical methods to trap these men and covert them to be theirs. A friend of mine had a conversation with a lady some years back concerning this topic and her words “I prefer dating married men cos they are more focused and would take good care for her”…. I still scratching my brain to understand her point.

    Please note, I’m not saying we(Men) are saints sometimes we think with our balls(apologies for the french word). cos I don’t understand why after saying your vows on the alter, you still go and cheat on the woman you love.( ojukokoro on the side of men).


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