2 Comments to “Struggles In The Race To Say “I Do””

  1. Ojay says : Reply

    Nice one. Compulsory read for all singles. Keep it up

  2. Adewale Adeyemi says : Reply

    Really beautiful and interesting story that I somehow can relate to even though I am a guy.
    Can’t remember how many times my mom took me to these so called spiritual people to see what my future holds and how they use that as a means to start confusing my life… “Don’t share boiled egg with another person”, “Don’t bath in the open”, “Don’t let someone else touch your head” even up to the ridiculous “Your future wife will be the one to ask to marry you”.
    I stopped believing them all when they started making ridiculous predictions I knew where never ever going to happen to me.
    Knowledge of the truth really does empower.


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