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  1. Ikay says : Reply

    This is an eye opener God bless you real.
    We are created differently and until we understand that, we will keep having issues.

  2. Ariere says : Reply

    I remember the days of Knights in shining armor and damsels in distress; that always had a happy ending. The guys knew they had to be strong, provide and protect and the women knew they were weaker than the men and respected and cared for them.

    Then came the days of the “Wonder Woman”. She could wield a sword just like the men, fly the fighter jets, shoot from a long range; she could protect the children, provide for the home and be a voice to reckon with and suddenly, it became all about “equality”.

    Let’s not get it twisted – God’s word still says that men should dwell with their wives in understanding because they are the weaker vessel and women should respect their husbands. It takes a stronger man to lead a strong man (Matthew 12:29) so no matter how “strong” a woman is, her husband has to be “stronger” in one way in order for the relationship to be balanced.

    Even though the world has so changed that women can no longer be relegated to the kitchen; it does not mean that their primary duty is not first to the husband and children. A woman who gets it right in the boardroom and fails in the home front is not a success at all.


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