5 Things You Must Never Do At Work – Food Edition

You know how the freedom to do something does not necessarily make it the right thing to do? Like, you have the freedom to scream, but screaming at your boss might not be a good idea. Well it’s the same with food, here are 5 things you must remember not to do with food while at work.

  1. Chewing/Sipping Loudly – You know that colleague who is always chewing gum and making a lot of noise (some may even try to speak while chewing)? Or those ones that always snack on chips and you can hear the crunch from the next office? Or even those ones who take the saying ‘sipping coffee/tea’ literally, by slurping it down so loud you can feel it in your throat? Yep, it’s not a good habit. I know you might be enjoying your coffee and/or chewing gum, but your colleagues deserve a chance to concentrate on their work.
    Please be considerate, especially if you work in an open office.
  2. Pungent Food – Ever wonder why some of your colleagues do not want to have conversations with you after meal-time? Or why they offer you sweets if you must? There is nothing more off-putting than the smell of garlic, onion and/or fish oozing from a person’s mouth after lunch. I know we tend to cook with a lot of spices, so here is a quick fix – if you must have a very spicy meal then please drink a lot of water after, gurgle if you can and pop a ‘breath freshener’ (which is a fancy word for mint sweet or chewing gum) it will help freshen your breath and reduce the effect of the pungent spices.
    Keeping to yourself and not saying a word is worse because the first person you speak with after that 2-hour vow of silence will probably avoid you for a long time to come.
  3. Alcohol – A lot of organizations actually have rules, guidelines and policies around alcohol consumption at work; and this is a good thing. However, we have some creative people who still sneak in their daily dose; this is bad! Also, if you are that law-abiding citizen who only drinks at office ‘happy-hour’ TGIF or other parties, you might want to consider moderation. Having a drink with your colleagues might seem like a good means of socializing, but getting drunk and revealing your deepest, darkest secrets will definitely make it awkward at the office on Monday morning.
    It might be a good idea to avoid alcohol at the bar altogether.
  4. Cookie/Sweet Jar ‘Do Not Touch’ – There is nothing that says ‘snub’ more than displaying something delicious with a ‘Do Not Touch’ sign on it. Seriously?! If it is the exclusive preserve of your friends and bosses, you might as well keep it in your drawer/locker until one of the ‘worthy’ consumers come around. Why tempt the rest of the office, with this forbidden jar?
    If we should not touch it, please keep it out of sight! Remember what happened in the garden of Eden?
  5. ’Borrow’ Your Co-Worker’s Lunch – Why do people assume it is okay to take food that they did not bring? It might seem funny, but it is plain and simple greed to take what does not belong to you. I have heard excuses like “I was going to tell him’, well, you should have done so before eating it! Or ‘I also ordered food’ then wait for confirmation that your food has arrived. Do you know how upsetting it is; to be daydreaming about your meal, while sending that last email before lunchtime, only to get to the fridge and NOT find your lunch? Some say it hurts more than a breakup.
    Do us all a favour; bring your own food!

There you have it, a short list of food-related things you must never do at the office. Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to add to the list or share a personal experience in the comments section or even share with a colleague who can relate.

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