7 Effective Tips for Working from Home

Currently, the world is on lockdown and we have to find new ways of doing things.

Employees are required to work from home, but is it really easy to meet deadlines and turn reports in?

There are quite several advantages and disadvantages to this; especially for those with additional responsibilities – time has to be divided between children, spouse, parents, housemates, work, rest and so on.

To effectively work from home there are a few things you will definitely have to sort out. Here are 7 things you need:

  1. MOTIVATION – You need some level of self-motivation to work from home. The office environment provides the ideal conditions for working from home, seeing other people crunching away at their laptops gives you the feeling of team achievement; what do you do when your TV is calling or your bed is inviting? Remind yourself that those things will always be there.
  2. WORKSPACE – Create a space you call your ”workspace” in a corner of your house/room. It is not a place to eat or where you dump your clothes – its a place where you can focus, preferably with a chair and table, your laptop or desktop, a notepad for inspiration and other items that remind you of work. Facing a window or a wall can help keep the distractions away.
  3. ROUTINE – Keep up the daily routine that you had before the lockdown (excluding the daily commute and traffic, of course, that time can be spent meditating or organising your day – not daydreaming). Wake up at the usual time, take your bath and get ready for work. Make sure you have also sorted out your housemates – spouse, parents, children and so on, this can buy you up to 3hours of uninterrupted work.
  4. NEGOTIATE – Life is about daily compromises and negotiation; with your housemates not to come into your workspace except its really important. If you have a baby and don’t have help, negotiate with your spouse to take turns watching the baby. This is definitely not easy to do but you still need to give it your best shot!
  5. TO DO LIST – Make a list of the tasks to be accomplished each day and stick to it. Learn to prioritise, try not to take on more than you can handle. Don’t forget to celebrate the little wins.
  6. TAKE BREAKS – Since you are working from home, there is a tendency to want to power through all your tasks, so you can start binge-watching ‘Money Heist’ – please resist the urge. Take regular breaks, tea break, stretch break, lunch break and other forms of breaks can help with your blood circulation, it can serve as a time to catch up with your housemates and see what they are up to (especially children).
  7. CLOSING TIME – Working from home does not connote endless shifts. You need to set your closing time and try as much as possible stick to it. It helps you come back to work with a fresh perspective when you are well-rested. You still have a personal and social life to attend to; don’t miss out on living life, because guess what? The lockdown will end.

Do your personal reflections at the end of the day and ask yourself a few questions – Did I achieve my goals? What should I keep doing? What should I stop doing? What should I start doing? There is no hard and fast rule, so share your tips in the comment section and help some stay safe and stay motivated!

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