A Call From Nigeria – Independence Special

“Arise o compatriots”, is the call to everyone with Nigerian blood running in their veins. It is the call that we must all obey and give our best to move us up on the path of our destiny. Nigeria’s call bellows out loud and clear to us, you and I to serve our fathers and the vast lands they claimed for us, with love, strength and to have faith.

Notwithstanding our youthful country, it’s possible to surmount the odds and challenges and move our land to the other side. The labour that my father and your father and their progenitors put from time immemorial to push Nigeria up on the ladder of greatness shall never be in vain because of you and I, not because of our politicians either except we let.

Except we do not serve Nigeria with all our hearts and might, and we join the looters that have been looting and plundering our commonwealth. But if we decide to remain one great nation, bound in freedom, ensuing peace and unity, then nothing or no one, not even a politician, can be against us, loot or plunder us. Then our civil servants, way up to the perm secs will eschew corruption, guide our leaders right and a national orientation agency will help our youth to know the truth.

But if we all decide individually and pledge to Nigeria our country and be faithful, loyal and honest citizens. If we all serve Nigeria with all our strength. Then we will defend her unity, and uphold her honor and the hallow of Nigeria’s glory shall be seen by all over Nigeria and Nigerians.

Then we shall loudly answer and say to the call of Nigeria, LONG LIVE AND GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

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