A Cocktail Of Faith And Works

It’s a blend of faith and works on this wonderful #ThankfulTuesday. Read Kendrick’s story.

My alma-mater is notorious for three things: cults, slashing of results and Campus Fellowships. You read that right, Campus Fellowships! The cults are, incidentally, the easiest thing to get around. Don’t draw attention to yourself, and don’t step on the wrong toes. Mistaken identities have been known to happen, but God is my shield and buckler.

Slashing of results means that a 3.5 CGP, though technically a 2.1(second class upper), is realistically a 2.2, so you will need at least a 4.0 CGP to graduate with a 2.1 grade. Students react to this in various ways. One way students react to this pressure is to be hyper-bookish, dedicating their entire life to academics or not be bookish at all, or give themselves to Jesus, believing He will help them pass. It is this faith approach that makes the Fellowships so rampant. Students have been known to skip classes in the name of crusades. To the naked eye, I could fall under this category.

Being an executive in my Fellowship meant that I indeed had to sacrifice many hours of academics in the name of making the fellowship thrive. However, I was under no illusion that manna (chukuli) will fall from the sky during exams. It was the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit that enabled me to be sold out to Christ, and dedicated to my studies at the same time.

Now, the results speak for themselves, and it’s not because I was the brightest in class, or the most devoted to fellowship but because I recognized and respected the grace of God, and the responsibility of excellence it equips me for.

Glory to God, our final year results have been released, and I am of the top 25% of the class. Hallelujah!

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