A Contagious Spirit

The moment Moni walks into the hall, the entire atmosphere at the reception changes immediately. As she walks through the hallway, it is with an unusual spirit, so contagious, you can feel the energy. When she greets anyone, it’s with a force and attitude that changes one from inside. Moni has this constant smile on her face that assures you that the world is not going down today. Even if you were not feeling too well, you’ll notice a rush of fresh energy inside whenever Moni came around you. No mood was too strong to douse her contagious spirit, she’s always carried this presence with (her) anywhere she went. The workplace is not just the place of doing her job, for her, its a place of continuous emotional transactions.

The truth is that our emotions play a significant role in everything, whether we like a job, workplace, a person or not. The human spirit is not designed to flourish nor thrive in a very stressful environment or organization. We are created for connections, relationships and interactions. Whatever emotions we exhibit in the workplace, is usually a function of all that’s happened to us in the past or present.

There are people with super sensitive emotions because they’ve been badly hurt by people & #events in the past. They have capacity for funny imaginations and giving unusual meaning to everything around them. Due of their tendencies to misinterpret the good intentions of others, they create unnecessary stress around themselves. They lack enthusiasm & because of this the workplace & people around them suffer. They may do their jobs but not with their whole heart & energy. There is a vacuum in their delivery.

A contagious spirit, however, is very much engaging, always a game changer anywhere. Some workplace culture inspire & breed enthusiasm, but we also have individuals with their enthusiastic spirits.

Enthusiasm is what moves us from just doing our jobs to enjoying our jobs & finding fulfillment in adding value. Beyond skills, experience & training a personnel has acquired, enthusiasm for work is also very important. Employers will always favour an enthusiastic inexperienced worker over an experienced but less enthusiastic staff.

Like Moni, your workplace needs your good spirit. Get rid of all damaged emotions around you. Avoid unfairly criticizing & judging other people in your work-space. It damages people’s spirit. If you have personal emotional issues, please visit counselors & get all the help you need.

Fill your day with a positive & vivacious ambience to keep your team motivated & interested working with you. You really don’t need to take your baggage to the #workplace. Loosen up & inspire your world.

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