A Game Of Thrones

You are a vast piece of land and there are Kings, Queens, gods and a God fighting to have creative control over you. Straight outta Westeros are new age philosophies like individualism, neo-sexuality and atheism. The Statue of Liberty is Queen Cersei and she suggests that there’s no line you can’t cross to get what you want. Even worse, far beyond the North, something approaches.

The Ice King is cold and callous. He wants to hurt you till you don’t feel a thing. He makes undead the living things in your life: romance becomes one-night-stands, family becomes a disregarded horde of zombies and though you once breathed fiery tongues, your faith has become a snow storm. But it’s not your fault, the deceiver stuck his Littlefinger in your head and covertly made you crumble from within.

Like Sansa, you’ve been raped of your virtue, ripped apart and made into nothing but a pawn, when, in fact, you are Queen of the north. Sometimes, the mistakes you make cause you to feel as clueless as Jon Sno, but you are not a bastard. God has not left you fatherless, no! And yes, God said you would walk through fire and not be burnt like Daenerys, but you find yourself drowning like a fleet of Greyjoy ships. Hope remains…

You must surround yourself with wise advisers like Tyrion, knowing God has set angels to faithfully guard you like Greyworm. And yes, there will be Red Weddings, grand betrayals and the devil will try to make a Reek out of you, but be not dismayed, in Christ you will find your identity like Theon. So if anyone ever looks down on your appearance, tell them ‘this is not my real face’ like Arya. In heaven awaits a new glorious body that never persishes.

There will be many seasons in your life, during some of them, some annoying Kings will reign, but please know that your Joffreys are just one poisoned drink away from death, for it is written that he who partakes of the blood of Christ, shall never be ruled by the tyranny of the devil.

Sometimes your blessings will be leaked, the devil will come with spoilers and force you to rewrite the script, but be patient, the Lord promises that He will bring the series of events in your life to an expected end. Your current episode is not the end of your story. So when your Season 8 comes, best believe it will be your very best. Stay strong, and remember valar morghulis (all men die) but them that are in Christ shall live for all time.

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