A Good Head

Before Roland left for work that morning, his dad called to check up on him. He ended their conversation with a quote “above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”. It was a wake up call for Roland. He had been complaining bitterly about the level of mediocrity in his office. Sometimes, he wonders at the kind of culture and thinking existing in some multinationals that he’s been eyeing for years.

Roland has always believed that great organizations are borne out of great thinking. He believes that everything about success starts & ends in the mind. That made him a delight to his boss. It was the reason his last relationship didn’t work. He’d concluded she wasn’t operating at his level of frequency.

Good thinking evokes more energy, more creativity & enthusiasm about life & its attachments. The quality of our lives is a function of the quality of our thoughts. The Japanese say ” good thinking produce good products”. We simply cannot rise beyond the quality of our thoughts.

A career professional is paid for the quality of the thoughts that come to bear on the job irrespective of the résumé. A rich résumé should produce rich & quality ideas for the organization. It should solve problems fast and better.

Perhaps we should reflect on the thought process because that’s the very foundation.

The environment we operate in impacts our thought pattern and thinking process significantly. Don’t be so adjusted to your workplace environment that you just fit into it without thinking. The world can squeeze us into its mold.

The longer you reflect on a matter, the better the outcome; but most of the time, we short-circuit the process. Small people think small. This smallness has nothing to do with stature. It’s all in the capacity of the mind. We must always leverage knowledge made available in books. That way, we take wisdom directly from authors. When you read books, especially subject matter books and materials, you rob minds with great thinkers of our world.

It is advisable to engage in brain exercises; play games, perform maths calculation in your head. It stretches the mind. Go on a vacation and change your environment. It’s important for continuous improvement and performance on the job. You may also need to go for more training on your job to become better in strategic works. Pick an obvious problem in the workplace, research it and proffer solutions in a packaged proposal for management.

In summary friends, fill your minds and thought on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling and gracious.


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