A Grateful Heart

Welcome to a wonderful #WomanWednesday as we thank God for the last days of the year. You must agree it’s been a good one?

Every day, for the past 339 days, we woke up, went out and came back home safe to do it all over again. We had time to share happy moments with family, cried with some but we survived it all. We fell in love, fell out of love, shared sweet memories and a few times, we took that leap of faith into our dreams.

Through it all, He (God) stood by us, saw us through, blessed us unconditionally. We played His part, gave life to little angels and just their smiles showed us how wonderful He is.

We celebrated anniversaries, got hooked for life, celebrated more good times and promotions. Yet, He promised more to come, more to celebrate, more to rejoice about!

Sing a new song unto the Lord, let your song be sang from mountains high. Oh! How wonderful I feel knowing He cares for me; knowing He loves me unconditionally.

I will praise Him with all my heart. My soul sings for joy. I will worship Him for He is Lord. Through all the stories, through all of life, you have made me a woman of substance worthy of your love. You have shown me how to love, how to live how to care. You have shown me the worth of a woman.

Who am I without you Lord?

You have taught me to care, to spread your love to nurture the young. You have made me worthy of being a woman without fear of being looked down upon. Thank you Lord for who you have made me to be. Help me to live a life worthy of Your kingdom.

A grateful heart shares stories of the wonders God has done. Share your story today. #AGratefulHeart

Never stop thanking Him, never stop being grateful and you will be an influence to the kingdom of God. Go on, thank Him now with the hashtag #AGratefulHeart

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