A Sense Of Purpose

Last week, we began a series on the “Kingdom Puzzle” and we summarized the Christian Experience. It’s about the purpose of Christianity. Today, we shall be talking about having a Sense of Purpose in God’s scheme of things.

God is a God of purpose and objectivity. He will not do anything without purpose or reason. In Gen 1:27-28, when God created everything, it was for a purpose. The light was for a purpose, likewise the seasons, even the man Adam, was created for a purpose. There was a reason God created Eve to join her husband. If you take a good look at the physiology of man and woman, you’ll see differences and the obvious purpose for each part.

The nation of Israel, after over 400 years of slavery was going to gain freedom for a purpose, i.e. to serve God (Exo. 5:1, 7:16). There is a reason why you were born. Irrespective of the circumstances of your birth, God has a purpose for your life.

There are some powerful decisions about our lives that we didn’t make, like; the choice of parents, family, race, country, etc. God made those decisions well ahead of our creation because we were going to show up here for a purpose in God’s agenda. God told the Prophet, Jeremiah, how He decided everything about him long before he was born (Jer. 1:4-8). John, the Baptizer, came for a purpose. At his christening, his mom spoke up about his purpose (Luke 1:57-63).

The greatest question you will ever ask about your life is “Why am I here?”. It’s the identity question. The place of your anointing is the place of your purpose. You’ll get maximum returns for your life in the place of purpose. You are a special messenger sent for a purpose in this world. A prophecy was written about you before you came.

Our Lord Jesus Christ had a sense of purpose even from childhood (Luke 2:49, 4:18). He told his parents not to bother about Him. John the Baptizer knew he was a forerunner, he had a sense of purpose & didn’t waste his life (John 1:20-21). Apostle Paul knew the purpose of his birth and eventual reason he was called into ministry (Gal 1:15). Joseph told his brothers that God sent him ahead of them to preserve a generation. Purpose gave him perspective (Gen 45:7).

Everyone God used on this planet had a sense of purpose. The question now is, “What is your purpose as a child of God?”.

A young rich ruler came to Jesus looking for fulfillment, his case was that of misplaced priority. He lacked purpose (Mark 10). What everyone is really looking for is a sense of purpose, of significance in this life and beyond. We are looking for a feeling that we’ve done something worth while with our lives and for God’s kingdom.

Unfortunately, the only way to get this fulfillment in life is to sow this our small life as a seed (John 12:24).

Jesus’ disciples were fighting over position, title and who would become the greatest among them because of lack of purpose. When you lack purpose, you’ll have time to poke nose into other people’s affairs. You’ll be easily distracted.

@iamtundeadisa‘s purpose is to use his ministry gifts of Pastoring and Teaching to help people maximize and live their lives like Christ. @iamwhiteolive is one of the platforms, but not the only one, that God will use to help fulfill His purpose. The #purpose is “…to empower you for a lifetime of adventure in Christ by bringing you to the awareness of Christ culture”. By impacting your spheres of influence and by demonstrating the #Extraordinary living.

When you find your purpose, you will likely be on a crusade. A crusade is a purpose or reason you are ready to live or die for. The greatest investment you can make in this life is not in the stock market, it’s in people and in God’s kingdom.

You can’t settle down yet. You need to live and not just survive. You were born for a purpose. You really have to pour out your life to God to fulfill your purpose in the land of the living.

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