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I worked in a media company rendering printing services but we had a major issue – we couldn’t print out good quality jobs.

We were unable to meet the client’s expectations because of the quality of our prints. For several years, I tried to make management see the importance of printing the right way but my effort was defeated because my vision of printing was different from that of the CEO.

For me, it’s been a 15year long journey as an entrepreneur, but as a professional and structured business owner, it’s been just 2years.

After the years of di-vision on a qualitative printing practice, I resigned and started my own company called Printcess. Printcess is into designs, branding, printing, promotional and corporate gifts.

Our vision is to ensure that our printing is done the right way and consistently. We hold excellence, quality and timely delivery as our core values. We have also identified our target clients because we understand that we cannot serve everyone.

My grander vision as a print consultant is to have a one-stop-shop to carry out all aspects of design, print and branding.

Excellent and quality print is what we are known for, it is what we do; it is the core of our existence as a business and the very reason we started in the first place.

What is your driving force as an entrepreneur? What motivates you to be in business and what keeps you there? Share your story, let us learn from each other.

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