A Throaty Miracle

On Saturday 25th November 2017, after business fellowship, I returned home to continue treating a flu I had been battling for a few days prior to the fellowship. On getting home I decided to “step up” my treatment with some home remedy. So, I peeled cloves of garlic to swallow (this would reduce the smell compared to chewing it).

As I was rushing and tired, I didn’t realized when I put a whole clove of garlic into my mouth. Next thing I knew, I was choking and gagging for air. I couldn’t even talk or move, I just felt life going out of me! I managed to reach and drink a cup of water but that didn’t help. I reached for something I could chew but that only made me feel worse

At this point, I knew then my only salvation would be God. So I started, while crouched in pains and holding my throat, calling on the Holy Spirit. I prayed and prayed. A few minutes later, the position of the garlic shifted, but it was still there, I couldn’t close my mouth or swallow even the basic saliva.

It was too late for me to get to the hospital, but God saw me through to the next morning. I was in excruciating pain. I got to the hospital next morning and was given a pain reliever and muscle relaxant, yet, “Mr Garlic” kept hanging on in there. I prayed again, this time I simply said “Holy Spirit, this is all up to you now, do what no man can do and take the glory”.

The hospital plan at the time was for me to do an X-Ray, then the ENT specialist would find a way to either push Mr. Garlic up or down. In the course of the day and hospital assessment, I went home to take a nap, I was extremely tired. I decided to take something light to moisten my throat. Lo and behold!, I experienced a sharp, the most excruciating pain ever, went from my upper throat all the way down, and then … I experienced the sweetest relief ever! I can’t find words to describe the feeling of ease that came over me! Alas Mr. Garlic finally went down!! Down to where it was intended.

It was a horrific 20plus hours but I thank God it wasn’t worse than that. Glory to the Lord my Healer who sent His Word and healed my disease. Hallelujah!!!

– Theresa

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