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He’s a great man. From humble beginnings in the back streets, he toiled, he thought, he failed, he planned and eventually worked smart. Notwithstanding challenges, brick walls and high gates, he remained undaunted. Step by step, kobo on kobo he trudged on; oblivious that he was charting the course for subsistence of destinies. Seasons came and passed, low tides, high tides, dark nights, dull and sunny days, the entrepreneurs shades of grey; this man held forth through all of these.

The man is now a veteran, on a better street, in his building, on a higher floor. He is like a father to many now. The challenges have not gone away, but he is a veteran. Sometimes he is unable to pay himself, but he never fails to remit wages of the families reliant on him, even to his hurt. “My people must be happy” has been his life ambition. His customers and business partners call him “great”. They revere and hold him in high esteem. They say he always delivers and places others first. They in turn wish to repay him in better ways for his commitment to their good.

There’s no letting down with the man. Any error or omission from his end is met with prompt apologies/corrections. He will always reach out and chip in with remorse “it shows our imperfections”. He takes his failings as a runway to gain speed. He seeks out the strength in his weakness, his employees’ and those about him. He believes in opportunities in every problem. He has given himself to empower many notwithstanding the odds. The banks, the tax man and agencies have come at him, but his antecedents spoke. “It’s never been easy” he would always say to all that care to listen.

He, unlike many of his contemporaries, has never been afraid to walk the streets. He says he’s not outgrown the streets and never will. The streets made him and love him so no need for the huffing and puffing of security details. He’s not Jeff Bezos yet, but he’s keeping on in his own league. Insisting he’s not in competition or comparison with any, he’s just different. He just wants to impact his customers and families around him. An epitome of sublime humility. When he loses his temper he keeps his mouth shut as a damage control strategy. Once he gets some time alone he calls Melinda, his wife, and tells her all.

He’s a family man too. Melinda loves him to pieces. He’s there for his children and has managed not to compromise family time which he relishes and describes as “VIP Time”. He was with his parents the other day and was consumed with emotions by the thought of the passage of time. As he hugged them bye bye he held them tighter as he had flashbacks.

He is an entrepreneur. He takes it all in it’s stead. He observes the red, amber and green signs and let’s it rip on the highways of the market place. He is a great man.

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