Abba Father

TEXT: Ephesians 1:3-6 (MSG), Romans 8:15-16 (MSG)

God created mankind for His personal pleasure. The Christian experience is borne out of a relationship. It thrives and is sustained by deepening the relationship with God. That was His plan for mankind, not just Adam and Eve in Eden; a relationship with the Sovereign God

Man and God – this is partnership that will turn us into superhumans. A rich and enduring relationship. The supernatural rubbing off on us. This is almost impossible without, first, the right perspective and, second, true knowledge of God. See John 4 (Woman of Samaria).

Some people worship gods that they don’t know. Our God wants you to come to Him with NO intermediary (no prophets/pastor/medium).

Pst. Sam Adeyemi has been teaching and exposing this God to us all these years, so that we may have our own opinion about Him. His kingdom is like the hidden treasure in Jesus’ parables. A certain level of commitment and dedication is required to seek and find God.

Abraham was without God for 75 years, he married, started and sustained businesses etc. without Him. Prior to Abraham was Noah, then things changed for Abraham because he met God (see Gen 12:1). He eventually became God’s friend.

In Exodus 3:13-15 (MSG); When Moses showed up to talk about God to Israel, they didn’t understand or relate. That’s exactly where many people in church and particularly Christians are today.

Who is God to you?
Where is He?

They don’t know God. He is “I am that I am!” How do you define or explain that?

You may have been sold a dummy about the reality of who God is; Many see a wicked God. Some also create their own gods based on their perception. (Judges 17:1-13) When we worship what we don’t know, it’s called RELIGION.

It is the reason we put God on the peripheral and circumference of our lives but never in the core. We have relegated Him to a Sunday-Sunday medication. It’s the reason will argue about God and spiritual things, including Tithe. Anytime Israel relegated or abandoned God, circumstances of life overwhelmed them; same with many Christians today.

Life is larger than us but God, in whom we are seated in heavenly places, is larger than life. When we have the correct perspective of God, we don’t make room for Him, we seek to be in His own plans (we find our room in Him).

When Jesus says, behold I am at the door and knock (Rev 3:20), He’s saying, come and get deeper in knowledge of Me. Jesus called it, in Matthew 11:27-30 (MSG), the unforced rhythms of grace. It is possible to give your life to Jesus whom you don’t know.

Our definition and experience of God are not the same. Compare Judas and Apostle Paul (Philippians 3:10). Until that’s our prayer, we have not started.

So who is God to you? Who is the Holy Spirit to you?

What does God require from you? It’s a relationship. Inside it is worship, care, service, maturity, reaching out, financial provision, protection, family etc… everything we need is in Him. 2Peter 1:3.

So what exactly are we looking for outside of Him?


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