More about our ministry

The WhiteOlive Genesis

WhiteOlive Christian Assembly was birthed by the influence of the Holy Spirit when God’s expression came to Pastor Tunde Adisa, then an associate pastor at Daystar Christian Centre, “...raise for me kings & priests in the marketplace” sometime in 2011. The desire to understand this heavenly mandate led him into extensive research and to study more on this mandate.

Through this mandate, Pastor Tunde Adisa has been on the quest to support and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and also help make the transition process easier for those moving from corporate environment to starting their own businesses. God has also mightily demonstrated his grace to bring counsel, healing and divine direction to relationships and marriages through him.

WhiteOlive seeks to enforce Heaven’s mandate to raise kings & priests for God in the marketplace.

Our Vision

To raise and empower influencers and authorities for exploits, through a lifetime of adventure in Christ.

Our B.I.D.

  • Bring all to the awareness of Christ Culture
  • Impact spheres of influence
  • Demonstrate extraordinary living


Excellence | Adventure | Righteousness | Love

What We Believe

  • There is one God
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God
  • Jesus Christ is the way
  • The Bible is God's Word
  • All need to be saved
  • Jesus Christ rose from the dead
  • The dead shall rise again
  • Jesus Christ is coming again
  • Water Baptism and the Lord's supper
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Our Goals

  • Raising people who imbibe the Christ Culture
  • Empowering all people to express the Christ Culture
  • Deliberately raising & empowering influential Christians in the marketplace
  • Developing and maximising the efficiency of leaders & leadership
  • Increasing opportunities for ministry gift expressions by helping people embark on an adventure with God
  • Spreading the gospel of marketplace ministry
  • Raising strong families through enormous investment in family life ministry

The Lead Pastor

Pastor Tunde Adisa is the lead pastor of WhiteOlive Christian Assembly; a church ordained by God to raise kings & priests in the marketplace for exploits.

He is passionate about teaching the practicality & application of God’s word. He is a business coach & mentor, having run a business for several years. He is also fanatical about entrepreneurship by helping small & medium organizations manage & develop their limited resources for effectiveness and profitability.

He is an experienced life coach & family counsellor. He regularly facilitates at the Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) & the Daystar Business Academy (DBA) where he teaches Family Success & Entrepreneurship.

He is happily married with children.