About Us

The Church experience at WhiteOlive is an all-round balanced, practical and anointed service. WhiteOlive Services are well coordinated with a very strong emphasis on excellence and timeliness. You can join us every Sunday for Worship service and every Thursday for Prayers.


WhiteOlive has been on the quest to support and help entrepreneurs/career professionals grow their businesses, work and individual lives and also help make the transition process easier for those moving from corporate environment to starting their own businesses. God has also mightily demonstrated his grace to bring counsel, healing and divine direction to relationships and marriages. Hence our vision which is;

Empowering influencers for a lifetime of adventure in Christ.



Bringing all to the awareness of Christ consciousness:

Jesus Christ, our ultimate role model, lived an examplary life on earth and gave us the perfect template to live and lead by.

He was conscious of who He is and we, as followers of Christ, are expected to follow that template and live in that consciousness.

Impacting spheres of influence:

We believe every Christian is a minister, be it on the pulpit or, at work, at play, at home or anywhere they show up.

Demonstrating extraordinary living:

We believe that every true Christian should live a life full of Christ-like adventures, without fear or regrets.