Activate Your Career Goals

On your mark, get set, go! That’s the new song you should be singing now after the roller coaster of 2017. This is especially true for marketplace professionals, it’s time take off into the new year.

Some people have taken off at full speed while others will gradually warm up to it but whatever happens, just make sure you activate that plan and work the plan.

The first question to ask yourself is:

  • Do I really have a plan for this year?
  • What exactly are the tactics to achieve the plan?
  • How serious am I about achieving these goals I’ve set for myself?
  • What sacrifices will I be willing to make for this to happen?
  • Do I have what it takes?

If you set goals for yourself last year and didn’t achieve them, don’t worry, do it differently this time. Maybe those goals were too lofty/ambitious last year. What you really need are steady & dedicated goals. They don’t have to be so sophisticated. It’s the reason they say it should be ‘SMART’. They must be ‎Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely.

Learn to achieve small incremental or percentage goals which, when aggregated, will pull you in the direction of your objectives. You will create a new environment that enhances your creativity & productivity.

Work and improve in your attitude to your current job. Faithfulness in the current job qualifies you for more opportunities. Add value to yourself. New skills, abilities and capabilities suggest that your current level has become too small for you.

There must be a new you reinforced by new energy, new perspectives and new set values. People of value carry value & add that value. Isn’t that what organizations seek and pay for in a professional?

New data published late last year by the Bureau of Statistics say unemployment rates are on the rise but it may also mean there are a good number of jobs that can’t find people to fill them because of the level of skills & competencies required.

A new year hold lots of potential & opportunities for many, including career professionals. Brand new companies will take off this year, you need to keep your ears close to the ground. You don’t want to miss any opportunities coming your way in 2018.

Remember that you are an authority and influencer… It’s in your DNA to do exploits this year, so go for it!


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