All The Wrong Ideas

Fancy cars, beautiful clothes, expensive jewelry…they all come with being an attractive woman but is that all they come with?

Temi believed that her good looks will land her a good man. She wanted fame and riches; celebrity life was her dream… wait – skip the ‘good’ for ‘wealthy’. ‘I do’ came easy to her as it carried the spotlights. The wedding was glamorous, no one cared that the groom had been married twice and much older.

Months went by and the black eyes followed. She smiled for the cameras but cried behind them. Did her status attract such too? You may wonder. Omo felt Chuks was too handsome to let go. A beautiful girl needs a handsome man to complete the circle. She liked the status it gave despite his promiscuous life. A blind eye is common in marriage they say but no one told Omo that a blind eye doesn’t eliminate the pain and embarrassment a cheating husband gives.

Let’s look at Riri. Dumping men was her favourite pass-time. She didn’t have the time to settle for nonsense and it paid off as she was engaged to be married. Ever wondered how being dumped at the altar feels like? Well, Riri knows. She understood that what goes around comes back like a boomerang. The laws of attraction predict that we attract who we are, consciously and subconsciously; advising us to be careful about our desires.

If we can believe the laws of attraction, why can’t we believe the ONE who made this law? Do unto others what you want done unto you. It is easy to put all the blame on the men but we forget that these telltale signs are usually there at the beginning and sometimes are reflections of our desires.

A good character attracts good character just like good looks attract good looks. Although there are exceptions, but it usually works that way… light for light. This applies in every relationship, be it between a man and a woman, amongst friends and even at the workplace. We attract who we are. No wonder ‘birds of the same feather flock together’. If you feel you have the wrong kind of people around you then look into the mirror and start making the changes.

Beauty, fame and wealth is not a prerequisite for a good and happy life. That notion is wrong. A good and happy life starts with you, loving you and humanity too. Take the necessary steps you need towards a better, happier life; be the change you want to see in others. A virtuous woman sure makes a glorious one.

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