And God Rested

Rest is an essential element to achieve balance in our quest for success in business and life. It’s the zone where all the hustle and hassles of the market place are excluded. In addition to the daily 6 hours when we’re required to hit the off switch and sleep, weekends and annual holiday are opportunities to refresh and recalibrate your system.

The rest factor is invaluable. It takes you off the regular grid and routines giving you some time to just relax and look at life from a different perspective.

Wale is considered a workaholic in his work circles, something else he has going for him are his off periods. He is fetish about his me-times. When planning his business meetings, Wale prioritizes his break and holidays on his calendar thus he strives to ensure that his plate is cleared prior to his relevant off periods. Wale abides by his email out of office notice once it’s activated- he’s absolutely unreachable, you think he’s unreasonable? He believes rest is his entitlement.

He takes the opportunity to forget the square screens and the four walls of offices like a bird set free. He uses the time to connect with nature, friends and family. Wale is an avid campaigner of work life balance for all. “It saves and renews your creativity. It recharges you for continuity and gives you fresh insight to tackle market place challenges”.

You may continue all year round without a break but it impacts your productivity and ultimately your health with diminishing returns. They have more opportunities to recalibrate and take on new challenges with new perspective. As much as it’s important to work hard, your work and productivity also depend on your rest.

When was the last time you took that break that translated into a family-time and to a me-time and an alone-with-God time? Remember He also rested after seven days of remarkable exploits. The days and seasons have been given to us so we may wisely appropriate and number them for optimum output, but we jeopardize them when we make them all-work-no-rest.

To everything under the sun there’s a time and season so refrain from being agitated when your employees or colleagues take time off. It’s not an achievement to begin to hound them with phone calls- in fact it is a problem. The world will not stop because you are taking time off. Life is only spiced by the holiday and when you take it don’t just sit at home and do nothing- go on a road trip, read a book, have fun.

Rest is invaluable, although some organizations monetize it to encourage you to forfeit it, don’t fall for the money- you pay a greater price ultimately. Rest is wisdom, don’t sell it.

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