And The Word Became Flesh

We believe that the Church can take its place and empower influencers that will bring the Word to life and transform nations. Pst. Tunde Adisa often says, “If a church is ONLY training people to be saved and go to heaven, it’s a waste of Calvary’s work”. The church is made for much more!

Every church is set up to fulfill a different purpose/mandate. WhiteOlive’s purpose is “to call people to extraordinary living”. Daystar is “raising role models”. While Elevation Church is “making greatness common”. Ultimately the church is meant to fulfill the assignment of the Master and we all draw our references and insights from the Bible.

‘Ordinary’ means usual, normal, standard, routine, day to day, fixed … If a man provides for his family it’s just the standard, the norm. If churches come together to pray, praise, worship… it’s just the routine. ‘Extraordinary’, however, means remarkable, exceptional, astonishing, miraculous, phenomenal. If a man feeds a community, that’s extraordinary. If a Church becomes the Silicon Valley or Tel-Aviv of the world, that’s the extraordinary life.

Our focus for the month is not just about WhiteOlive but, also, for us to know the essence of being part of the body of Christ. WhiteOlive is re-writing the script for the body of Christ. The reason we became Christians is not just to gather, pray, praise and worship… there is more to our beautiful faith.

For all asking, “what’s the purpose of the Church?”. Answers to this question include:

  1. To make disciples of the nations of the world. Jesus said go ye into the world and make disciples of nations (Matthew 28:19)
  2. To be light of the world, literally invent new applications, for light, that bring people out from their darkness (Matthew 5:14).
  3. To be salt of the earth… to preserve with ideas (Matthew 5:13)
  4. To go about doing good (Acts 10:38). Do you know that the church is supposed to be in the best position to champion the development of a nation? (See Isaiah 9:6-7).

It’s not by prayers and fasting alone, but by following examples of nations like Israel that happen to be the birthplace of Christianity. The Nation of Israel, once a desolate country with no tree or shrubs; has created farms and garden using the most innovative techniques in the world. Known as a start-up nation and 4th most innovative country in the world, over 5000 tech companies have their origins in Israel. In Israel, indeed, the Word has become flesh.

Based on the Word, Israel has solved her water problem through technology, it has improved greatly in the field of medicine and was declared malaria free since 1940. Living and making His Word flesh indeed does make a difference. Like Israel, it is the only way you can break boundaries and live the Extraordinary life.

If you would like to join us on this adventure into ‘Extraordinary Living’; the first step is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Want to know how? Reach out to us here.

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