Are You Trustworthy?

Are you indeed and in fact trustworthy? This is a lifetime question for every career professional.

The principles of trustworthiness and reliability is one lesson Jude’s boss has tried to etch in his heart. He’s told him that as his attitude determines his altitude so does one’s personal integrity have positive vibes on his/her career.

He says to Jude often and on, if you tell the truth you don’t have need for a long memory – you don’t have to keep track of lies. Until your words become an asset, you have not started yet, he says with intense passion. Don’t be in the league of those whose words always set off a red flag. Whose “Hellos” require background checks.

We tamper our words to suit circumstances where we use them, and some tamper too far for selfish reasons. We tamper for reasons of gaining recognition in the workplace or for love, money, acceptance, access and ego. Be it as it may, your word builds your world. Words are a reflection of who you are and the state of your heart. So being truthful, honest and trustworthy or suspect, dishonest and devoid of integrity eventually becomes you.

Don’t become one whose words must be taken with a pinch of salt or whose name draws a snicker when mentioned. Let your words always be embellished with substance of truth, honesty and good conscience. Let clarity of purpose be one of your hallmarks such that your colleagues & people around you can emulate you.

Mean what you say and say what you mean so you’ll be taken seriously. If you have no idea, keep your peace. Even nature takes your word seriously when you mean it. When your declaration is made, nature runs with it.

Jude’s boss reminds him that trust is the basis of any viable long term relationship, career and venture. Without trust, you are like a disaster or shipwreck in motion, it’s only a matter of time before the sad truth happens. The absence of trust means you are a pedestal without a base and no one can rely or rest on you.

He doesn’t fail to tell Jude that, “…trust can be eroded in one event, it can also be a gradual process like little drops of water that fill a cup.”

Therefore, deal with people around you circumspectly. Be one to be relied upon in secret and openly. Maintain the right values and let your presence be of sweet savour and refreshing to people. Be a shining light and the answer to the doubts and queries people you encounter per time may have

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