Attention To Details

Most people are familiar with the saying that ‘the devil is in the details’. The truth is, it’s a recent perversion. This saying was derived from an earlier German proverb translated as ‘God is in the detail’.

Being detail-minded is one of the features of successful professionals. That’s where power lies. Notice how God is interested in details, they’re there in the scriptures. Even CEOs are interested in details.

Although being detailed is often misconstrued to mean being petty with a need to control & micromanage people. It rather helps to avoid waste of time, energy & resources. It helps you achieve excellent results instead of just good results. One will not have to rework a project or waste time & resources doing damage control if details had been earlier attended to.

In a culture where excellence is a scarce virtue or even a third class citizen, one can’t be ‘too attentive to details’. The day your employer’s definition of excellence exceeds yours as a professional, termination becomes inevitable.

But how does an individual pay attention to his/her career & profession when they’ve not paid attention to their personal lives?

The reality is that an excellent career is a function of paying particular attention to one’s life. Get a grip on your personal life now. It’s within your responsibility & control. If you look closely, you’ll find the reason why you’re failing or succeeding. They’re all in the details. When you’re detail-minded, you automatically eschew mediocrity in your work like night versus day.

It may be what you need most at the moment in your career. So go ahead, be the influencer you’re made to be!


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