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WhiteOlive_#TieTuesday_Managing your time
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Managing Your Time

Time is a beautiful gift from God just like the ‘gift of life’. It’s a revealer & a healer. Our time is allotted to us daily – brand new & loaded, and we are expected...

March 21, 2017
WhiteOlive_#MondayMarket_First Within
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First Within

The journey of success is first an internal journey before it becomes reality in the physical. It is first within, then without; a powerful law for those who want to do something great with their...

March 20, 2017
WhiteOlive_our ultimate protector
in #ThankfulThursday

Our Ultimate Protector

If you can read this chat then you have so much to be thankful for. #ThankfulThursday welcomes you to an amazing time with God. He is ‘Our Ultimate Protector’ from the seen and unseen. He...

March 16, 2017
WhiteOlive_In the line of duty
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In The Line Of Duty

We often neglect the truth in ‘The Line of Duty’ especially when you are older and single. Didi prided herself on her many achievements. She was already a top executive in just 7 years, hard...

March 15, 2017
WhiteOlive_Distracted by distractions
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Distracted By Distractions

Good day, career professionals. Today on #TieTuesday, we’re dealing with distractions that can make a mess of your speed and upward trajectory at work. Distractions are everywhere. In our homes, on the way to the...

March 14, 2017
WhiteOlive_Power of delegation
in #MondayMarket

Power Of Delegation

Hi there and welcome to #MondayMarket. Today, we discuss the “Power Of Delegation”. It’s difficult for an entrepreneur to start & eventually turn a business into a successful global brand all alone because business is...

March 13, 2017
WhiteOlive_Dealing With Competition
in #MondayMarket

Dealing With Competition

Hello friend, time for another business changing edition of #MondayMarket and the topic for today is ‘Dealing With Competition’ Let’s dive straight in. It took Mike his whole life’s savings to put up his hotel business;...

January 20, 2017