Avoid Stress And Burnout

“A decent day’s work so fatigue fools, that they can’t find their way back to town”. How true and very relevant this scripture has become for us today.

We work under intense pressure that makes nonsense of every measure of joy and happiness derivable from work. The enormous pressure mounted on employees by organizations impacts every aspect of our lives. There are always continuous risks posed to the health of the professional.

However, we have the personal responsibility to manage our stress levels and avoid burnout. Because organizations are pressured, there is a way the pressure is distributed through the entire system. There are deliverables hanging in the balance – targets to meet, deals to seal, projects to be completed. And all these elements require significant human effort and contributions. Hence, the pressure is really not something that we can avoid as professionals.

As a career professional, you have to use wisdom in managing your work schedule. Work related stress happens when you handle work not matched by your current competencies or when you’re expected to deliver on tasks you’re not fully equipped for or supported on.

Your organization has a responsibility to ensure you’re not stressed but that is hardly enforced but you have a greater responsibility towards yourself. Be deliberate about your work and life.

Put some balance in your life. Avoid burnout. Pay attention to your health and relationships. Pay serious and continuous attention to your spirituality. That’s the real you and your very essence. Spend some quality time interacting and connecting to your Maker, He knows how best to help you.


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