Basics Of Christianity: Resurrection & Eternal Judgement

Hi friend. Hope your weekend has been awesome? We welcome you to this week’s edition of #XLiving where we continue on The Basics of Christianity.

We started out 2 weeks ago on the basics of Christianity and we’ve discussed Repentance, Faith, Baptism & Laying on of hands. Today we shall conclude with another important set of foundational teaching of Christianity, the resurrection of the dead & eternal judgement.

Resurrection involves bringing back to life that which is dead; it means rising up from the dead. It is a supernatural act of God to restore life back to that which is confirmed clinically dead. The Old Testament had few testimonies of the dead coming back to life. Elisha did in 2 Kings 4, talking about the Shunammite woman. Bible also tells the story of Lazarus of Bethany in New Testament. He was raised from the dead after lying in the tomb for 4 days decaying & smelling (John 11). There are other miracles of the dead raised back to life in the scripture by Jesus; son of a widow (Luke 7: 11) & the daughter of a ruler (Luke 8:40-53) amongst them. Christ himself was also raised from the dead after 3 days. It confirms prophesies given about Him which he also alluded to himself (Matt. 28:6).

Importantly, there is a future resurrection coming up at the time of rapture when believers will be raised first (1Thess. 4:16-17). There is also an eternal blessing in Heaven as well as eternal judgment in hell. These are key foundational principles for Christians.
Our archenemy, Satan leverages our ignorance to his advantage & to our disadvantage; the reason we must not be ignorant of his strategies, and, according to law, ignorance is not an excuse. This is the major reason many Christians will never measure up to the standard God designed for us. ‘The poor you will always have among you’ because of our ignorance. Prophet Hosea says even God’s people are destroyed for their ignorance. So every Human being will appear in judgement on the appearance of Christ appearing, with the mark of his crucifixion on His body, indicating the penalty for sin has been paid in full. (John 5:24).

However, for the true believer, it’s a time of rewards. Apostle Paul said, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). There is no need bothering ourselves with the technicalities of the judgement but arming ourselves with a good knowledge of the basics is vital.

According to scriptures, 5 judgements were clearly stated starting with ‘The Judgment Seat of Christ’ (Rom 14:10 & 2 Corinth 5:10). When Christians stand before the Throne of Christ, it will be for the express purpose of being rewarded according to their works; not for inflicting punishment. There is also ‘The Judgment of Regathered Israel’. It will be the punishment of the Jews for their disobedience to God and their rejection of Jesus Christ. This will be after the dispensation of Grace, Israel will pay for her sins, with their own blood in unprecedented misery and woe. ‘The Judgment of the Nations’ is also clearly stated in Joel 3:1-2. After Israel has been judged, the nations of earth will also be judged by Christ and His Church. In Jude 6, there is the final judgment against Satan and other fallen angels called ‘The judgment of fallen angels who will be judged with him. This will be immediately after the one thousand years of Christ’s reign called the Millennium reign here on earth (Daniel 7).

Revelation 5:10 says ‘He has made us Kings & priest and we shall reign with him; this is the WhiteOlive vision.
The last of these series of judgements will be ‘The judgment of the unbelieving dead according to Rev 20:12-15. It is called ‘The Great White Throne Judgment’. After Satan & his fallen angels have been cast into hell, the wicked dead will be raised to receive the final sentence of condemnation.
It is important to note that the eternal judgement is eternal separation from God (Matt. 18:8-9, 25:41-46).

As we conclude this episode of ‘the basics of Christianity’, here is a chance to those who would love to have a relationship with Christ. If you desire this relationship, please say this prayer and mean it with all your heaart: “Lord Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart & be my Lord & Saviour today”.

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Do have a very splendid week ahead. Remember, ‘You are an influencer, and an authority, and you would do Christ-like exploits.

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