Battle Of The Moms

Babes, this thing we call #motherhood is not easy for anyone o. Trust me; I have been in both shoes and I can testify.

First and foremost, I must doff my hat and flap my apron to all #WorkingMoms who have it together, despite the nagging boss, unpleasant colleagues, crying baby and demanding husbands. Especially those who still find time to commit to #service, working for God. How do you do it, girl?

Are you three persons in one body? And some of you still have the strength to keep up the looks and figure. Omo, I have turned from a size 8 to a size 12 and have the same cornrows on my head for the past 3 weeks because I cannot come and kill myself mbok! It is tiring.

I had a job to deliver; it usually takes 3 hours to complete my strategy document but this one saw me doing 10 hours because in between I had to make my baby happy. Yes o, I am the Mom of a toddler because my older son is MUCH older, lol. You don’t want to know how much older!

See sha, if you think your nagging boss is a pain, try a nagging 5-year-old complaining about a sibling who is also nagging and complaining about your 5-year-old. I bet you, you would prefer the nagging boss lol.

I also doff my hat for stay-at-home Moms o, I do’bale for them. To kneel is not enough. If you think there is work in the office, try being a housewife. Now I know why they love Telemundo, they need that fantasy love to take all the worries and stress off their minds! They need a getaway because they have no breathing space!

Let me try and recount a typical day in the life of a housewife…

4.30 am: wake up, say prayers, in the middle of prayers, remember that baby 1 has immunization and toddler 2 has professional day in school, so you have to shop for a doctor’s costume.

5:30 am: prayers were interrupted because you remembered you had to stitch 7year old Dede’s uniform that he tore while playing football. You do that quickly and now you are in the kitchen, boiling hubby’s bath water after mixing 2 already for toddler and Dede.

6:00 am: children and Daddy are at the table. Clean and happily eating their meals as you serve them, clean up, pack school bags (did they complete their homework?), get hubby’s briefcase etc. (multitasking toh gbaski).

7:00 am: Walking/driving/helping children get to school while making a mental list of market items needed for the day and week.
8:00 am: back home, tidying the house… I have developed a headache just typing the day’s activity!

And this is only the first 4 hours! The real work, I have not written. I remember that I crashed 3 times when I tried to be a stay-at-home Mom. That was when I decided to get support and become a freelancer so I can run away from the house.

Sorry, I love my family but I need some me-time and work as an escape, because trust me, the real work (in my humble opinion) is at home.

Now imagine when the kids become teenagers and they give you wahala like you gave your own parents? Oh my gosh!

Being a #Mom na BIG WORK! Don’t ever try to compare the working Moms and Stay-at-Home Moms because they both have their challenges and opportunities.

The bottom line is that; we both wear the apron when we have to, tie the Gele when we need to and serve the cake when we want to.
Yes, today as we mark Workers’ day, let’s appreciate all #Moms for the work they put into #Motherhood.

Motherhood is the toughest business anyone can embark on. Maybe we should take today off to rest and let our husbands and children do the work because 2 days of #Mothersday and #MotheringDay are not enough! What do you think?

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  1. Lol! You forgot the getting home by 9pm, expecting that they would have gone to bed only to find them awake. “Mommy, we couldn’t sleep, we were waiting for you.” So you do bed time stories until they fall asleep.

    By the time you yawn, you remember that you are still in your work clothes.

    God bless all mothers… Well, and the fathers who pitch in to help.

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