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The workplace is not just a place we get paid at the end of the month but a place to invest one’s time, energy & skills. It is that space where you have your best chance to influence people.

Truth is, we work with all kinds of people, the good, the bad & the ugly, so you’re either influencing or being influenced. Ian Berry said “Influence & persuasion are two of the most powerful traits that can help us achieve success”. Christ also said his followers (i.e. believers/Christians) are supposed to be the salt & light of the earth; salt & light are super influential.

Salt sweetens & adds flavour and at the same time stops decay in its environment. Light gives illumination and insight within its space. Because you work in that organization & in that particular space, they should feel your positive impact.

Here are a few tips to help us become influential in the workplace without being the boss.

  1. Open up, be friendly and genuinely love people.
  2. Work hard & smarter; Real promotion comes from above, not by competing with others.
  3. Learn humility. Even God resists the proud because they tend to play God.
  4. Help people succeed in their daily tasks; that way, they’ll always feel indebted to you.
  5. Be generous with your life, time and resources, people are worth investing in.
  6. Be available and engaging with others. Stop frowning; smile often and be courteous.
  7. Build your integrity & honesty. Let your yes be yes and no, no.
  8. Don’t be a stumbling block in someone else’s progress or promotion.
  9. Be consistent.
  10. Connect with people.
  11. Invest in yourself, educate yourself and not just obtaining certifications alone but with leadership & people skills

The place of authority begins with influence and influence is the ability to persuade others towards achieving specific goals.
Do have a great day.

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