Being A Woman Of Influence – Lessons From Theresa May

It’s interesting that Jums never really had female friends. They came with too much drama and emotional baggage, in her opinion. Jums, however, had role models, and Tess was one of them. Tess? Yep, Jums fondly called Theresa May, the British Prime Minister Tess… She even had pictures of her on locker, laptop wallpaper and phone screensaver. Jums was mesmerized by the trajectory of Tess’ life.

An Oxford student of Geography. Imagine, Geography! Who would have thought that an ‘ordinary’ babe who loves to cook for her husband would have advanced so much to now be the single most powerful woman in all of the United Kingdom? Jums tried to figure out what was this amazon’s driving force. Was it her upbringing as an only child of a clergyman as a dad or a Conservative supporter as a mom? As a child or teenager, did she nurse any political ambitions? These parents died tragically before she was elected as a member of Parliament. How much influence did they wield in Tess’ life? ‘Such a strong babe, I’m not sure how I could ever cope without my momma and daddy’, thought Jums.

From 2002, when our dear Tess was appointed the first female Chairman of the Conservative Party, the world had an eye on Theresa May and so did Jums, as young as she was at the time. In 2010, she rocked the legal system with a series of measures that demonstrated her heart for service, especially where it concerned women, children and the misrepresented. Tess was bold and unafraid to launch radical cuts or policies where she believed they were necessary. Plus she knows how and when to stand in her own truth! Jums totally loves her for this and it gave her courage to do the same in her field of social advocacy.

In her entire political career spanning about 35 years till date, public opinion about her has been a pendulum. Even she has changed her mind on several issues as time has passed. But Tess is unapologetically principled and vocal. She has championed so many causes, bills and acts in the UK government and ruffled a few feathers, to say the least. It doesn’t look like Tess runs away from controversy. Rather, she seems to thrive in the eye of the storm. No wonder, after winning the election as the Leader of the Conservative Party, she was appointed Prime Minister, a position reserved for someone her majesty the Queen judges most likely to command the most confidence in the House of Commons.

Let’s go into her marriage with Philip, husband of 38 years – talk about #goals! They were introduced to each other at a ‘disco party’, how sweet…and he has been by her side, steady, even though they have been unable to bear children. Tess and Philip are passionate hikers, she loves cricket, likes to cook and is an ardent lover of distinctive shooooes! Now that’s one thing Jums and her role model Theresa May have in common.

She’s my kinda gal!

Currently, Theresa May may be down in the opinion polls, due to her decisions on Brexit, but she unmistakably wields the most influence in national, regional and international circles. The polls cant shake her faith, which she says “is a part of who I am and therefore how I approach things”.

Who do you admire and what lessons on influence have you learnt recently? Share your #womancrushwednesday with us and let’s discuss girls shaking things up in our communities and around the world. Looking forward to your comments on this fabulous #WomanWednesday.

Tag a #superwoman around you and let her know you appreciate her. Hugs!

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