Being A Woman!

Don’t sit that way, sit upright. Don’t look too sweet, look sweet. Don’t bite your nails, cut your nails. Don’t talk too loud, don’t whisper too low.

We have all these rules and counter rule we must follow to be a lady. It’s like the world is built to confuse us or dissuade us. They tell us who to like and who not to like as if being female is not already too much work.

Think about it. Some days ago, as I was watching Trevor Noah, there was a segment where a lady was arguing about life not being fair to ladies and she pointed out something I never took notice of and that was that things women had in common with men, were more expensive. For instance, shaving stick. They both remove hair from the skin yet the ladies’ version was more expensive than the men’s.

It took me way back to clothes in Nigeria. Our t-shirts are more expensive than the guys’ t-shirts. In the office; men with same years of experience get paid better hence the fight for equality. Imagine that! As though we don’t have enough troubles from nature to deal with already.

We don’t only suffer adolescence like the guys, we have to think about our monthly visitor too. As wives and mothers, we don’t have just work to worry about, but also our children and husbands. If the children don’t do well, we’re to blame. If our husbands don’t do well, we’re to blame but if we don’t do well… well, you know the answer, we are to blame.

Yes I know Eve gave Adam the fruit, hence we suffer during childbirth but why then do we have to suffer more cause we are women? Am I complaining? It seems so, but I can’t help but remember that when our children grow up, we play a larger part in their successes more than their Dads do.

On the other hand, we get away with a lot of things due to the fact that we are women. It’s a joy being a woman I must say especially when we are respected and appreciated.

Science and research have shown that even though we are not risk takers, we run businesses better and for longer cause we don’t give up at every disappointment.

Think about it; if we weren’t extra special, God won’t have thought Adam needed a better half. Lol, yeah I see you laughing now.
It is very important that we, as women, understand the role we play in the world. Without us, this world won’t have met our Messiah. I mean, who would have given birth to Jesus?

So you see, we are specially made by God to fulfil His plans for earth. So the greatest injustice you can do to yourself is not to find out the role you have to play in life. The role God has created specially for you to play.

A lot of promises God made, covenants He had with man, were fulfilled through women.

With Sarah, God’s covenant with Abraham came to pass. Racheal and Leah’s sons became heads of the tribes of Isreal. And Rachael’s son Joseph saved both Isreal and Egypt from famine. The wisdom of Moses’ mother saved, not only his life but that of Isreal and brought them out of bondage.

God can use any woman He chooses! Remember Rahab, the prostitute who helped the Israelite spies? It was from her lineage that King David and Jesus Christ emerged (can you believe that?).

So are you going to be the good or the bad woman that Proverbs 14:1 defined? Will you let your God-given gift worship God in fullness so as to live your calling or will you shy away and hide because you are a woman?

Talk to us, we are here to help you live an extraordinary life with Christ cause we don’t shy away from differences, we embrace it and love you the way God loves you.

Leave a comment below if you are proud about being a woman. And if you need any moral or spiritual support, send us an email at

We can’t wait to see what God wants to do with you.

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