Mar 2017
WhiteOlive_#TieTuesday_Managing your time

Time is a beautiful gift from God just like the ‘gift of life’. It’s a revealer & a healer. Our time is allotted to us daily – brand new & loaded, and we are expected to maximize it. Because we were created in the image & likeness of the infinite God, we are designed to be infinite too like Him. We were made for more in imagination & creativity, gifted with enormous abilities and potentials. He has designed that we achieve more within our limited time, changing our world rapidly with our abilities. Yes! Our daily allocation of 24......

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WhiteOlive_#MondayMarket_First Within

First Within

The journey of success is first an internal journey before it becomes reality in the physical. It is first within, then without; a powerful law for those who want to do something great with their lives. All global brands scattered across the world started as little but ‘living’ ideas in the minds of their founders. Every tangible thing in our world is created twice and so is every great invention, organization and achievement. Great entrepreneurs of our world today embarked on a journey in their minds before the realities caught up with them. How far have you travelled in...

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WhiteOlive_Basics of Christianity 3

Basics Of Christianity: Resurrection & Eternal Judgement

Hi friend. Hope your weekend has been awesome? We welcome you to this week’s edition of #XLiving where we continue on The Basics of Christianity. We started out 2 weeks ago on the basics of Christianity and we’ve discussed Repentance, Faith, Baptism & Laying on of hands. Today we shall conclude with another important set of foundational teaching of Christianity, the resurrection of the dead & eternal judgement. Resurrection involves bringing back to life that which is dead; it means rising up from the dead. It is a supernatural act of God to restore life back to that which...

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WhiteOlive_our ultimate protector

Our Ultimate Protector

If you can read this chat then you have so much to be thankful for. #ThankfulThursday welcomes you to an amazing time with God. He is ‘Our Ultimate Protector’ from the seen and unseen. He fights our battles both known and unknown. One of such examples of His protection happened lately to a gentleman we know and love. He woke up that morning with praise in his heart and a ‘thank you’ on his lips. Little did he know he’d have so much more to be thankful for by the end of the day. He kissed his wife and...

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WhiteOlive_In the line of duty

In The Line Of Duty

We often neglect the truth in ‘The Line of Duty’ especially when you are older and single. Didi prided herself on her many achievements. She was already a top executive in just 7 years, hard work does pay. She loved herself, loved her family and most especially, loved God. Her life was picture perfect. But a call from someone very special to her was also the cause of her deepest pain – her mother. She looked at the phone as it rang and decided not to answer it. She went straight to the gym after work and spent the...

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WhiteOlive_Distracted by distractions

Distracted By Distractions

Good day, career professionals. Today on #TieTuesday, we’re dealing with distractions that can make a mess of your speed and upward trajectory at work. Distractions are everywhere. In our homes, on the way to the office and even at work itself. They are part of our daily lives and though they don’t appear as distractions, they steal out of our productive hours. A distraction is whatever breaks your focus; anything that takes your attention away from the task at hand. All manner of things can be a distraction to a career professional, from family to hands-on technology like your...

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WhiteOlive_Power of delegation

Power Of Delegation

Hi there and welcome to #MondayMarket. Today, we discuss the “Power Of Delegation”. It’s difficult for an entrepreneur to start & eventually turn a business into a successful global brand all alone because business is about meeting needs profitably. You will definitely need people who will help bear some of the load. Many entrepreneurs are unable to leverage the gifts, talents & skills of people who work with them and often times, this frustrates everyone on board: the entrepreneur, the business and team members. As such, entrepreneurs are stressed, overworked & unproductive because they refuse to see beyond themselves....

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WhiteOlive_Dealing With Competition

Dealing With Competition

Hello friend, time for another business changing edition of #MondayMarket and the topic for today is ‘Dealing With Competition’ Let’s dive straight in. It took Mike his whole life’s savings to put up his hotel business; a dream he’s always had since he was younger. He had always loved the hospitality business, paying close attention to the activities of the few highly rated hotels in Lagos. He believes he is the next ‘Doyen’ of the hospitality business in Nigeria and he wants to rival the ‘Marriotts’ and the ‘Hiltons’. This particular project had tasked him so much in terms of...

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