Breeze Or Blaze?

Bayo, being the boss in the office, made it a bit difficult for people to let him know how his actions were affecting the other staff. Titi dreaded being at the departmental meetings because it was too draining. Three months down the line, they had not been able to arrive at a way to stem the loss of customers and it was already affecting the bottom line.

Idea after idea had been thrashed by Bayo, and he had not been able to come up with a solution better than she or any of the other team members had come up with. Rather than brainstorm on any of the ideas generated, he would rather condemn and, in fact, insult the person that generated the idea, making them all feel incompetent. This left all of them in a quagmire as to what to do. Nobody wants to come up with another idea..

Today’s meeting was bound to be the same or maybe different as no one wants to share any ideas at all. Bayo’s attitude has left them all ‘idea-drained’. She went into the board room and picked a seat. Looking at the faces of her colleagues, she could well read what was going on in their heads. There was a new face at the table though and that caught her interest..

“Today, the Chairman of the Board will be joining us. He has been notified of the loss of customers and asked to be a part of this meeting so that he can see how we intend to remedy the situation.” Everyone looked to the man who just took notes. Nobody wanted to speak first. Kola raised his hand. “Yes, Kola” Bayo responded. “Sir, I think we should first of all look at our internal processes to see if we are doing something wrong and then…”

Before he could finish, Bayo butted in, “I have told you several times Kola, there is nothing wrong with our internal processes. Maybe if you are here at the time you are supposed to be here in the morning and actually sit down at your desk to do the things you are supposed to do…” The Chairman looked at Bayo with a shake of his head. “Mr. Bayo, I think I know the reason why we are losing customers” he said cutting him off. Bayo looked at the man in shock. “Our internal communication system is very faulty and that is the first thing we have to improve on. If we cannot communicate the right way in-house, we will definitely be sending the wrong message to our customers, thereby chasing them away. Going forward, here is what we will do” and the Chairman went ahead to design a structure of internal communication where every idea generated will be thrown into a pool and everybody gets to ask questions about how to bring the idea to life.

By the end of the meeting, everybody felt confident that they could achieve the ideas and targets that had been set. They left the meeting feeling confident and reinvigorated that their ideas had not been thrashed, neither was anybody shut down. Bayo however left the meeting feeling very small indeed because he neither contributed any idea nor did he actively participate in helping the company draw up a plan of action. He was actually bereft of ideas.

How many of us are like Bayo? We feel we know it all or maybe our ego will not just let us see the good in other people’s ideas. Perhaps you have dealt with someone like Bayo before, why don’t you tell us about it.

Join us tomorrow on Freestyle Friday as we explore more ideas that can help you rule your world. Keep excelling in the workplace!

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