Brianstorms And Clouds

Priye was sure he’d misread the email, his HOD had sent a meeting invite to him and the HOD Corporate Transformation, with the Subject – ‘Lightbulb Moment’. What does that even mean? He was fond of sharing hairbrained ideas with his boss, mostly because Richard, his HOD always humored him enough to listen and sometimes asked him to come up with a proposal. He never got around to writing those.

Sitting at his desk, staring blankly at the invite, Priye tried to remember which idea he shared the last time in Richard’s office. ‘Me and my big mouth’ he thought, ‘Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut?’ As the meeting time approached, Priye became more tense than ever, he couldn’t go for lunch and was too scared to admit he couldn’t remember his own grand idea. 1 hour to the meeting, he was sweating bullets.

Finally, 30 minutes before the meeting was to start, he worked up the courage to ask Richard. Whispering a quick prayer, he stepped gingerly into his office and closed the door behind him. ‘Richard, there’s something I need to ask…’ before Priye could blurt out his question, Richard and Timi, the HOD Corporate Transformation burst into laughter. They had played a prank and watched Priye fidget all day. ‘Take a seat’ Richard said, when he finally stopped laughing. ‘I love the fact that you always have great ideas, however, they are always haphazard and never documented. Timi nodded in agreement.

‘You assume I would remind you, but they are your Ideas, and if you are serious about them, then follow-up, write a proposal and a roadmap to execution. Show me that you believe and are committed to it’. Priye sat still, willing the ground to open and swallow him, but he knew they were right. His bright brainstorms had turned into a dark cloud today and he wondered how he could be better at sharing his ideas. Then the thought hit him, it was all in the words of a Chinese proverb ‘The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory’.

Even the Good Book says ‘Write the vision and make it plain, that he that reads it may run with it’. It is important to document your ideas. As Priye thanked them and was about to take his leave, Richard said ‘We are not done yet’. Priye sat still waiting for the next wave of advice, instead Richard brought out a little black book ‘Now, let’s begin’. Priye stared in awe as Richard read out some of the ideas he had shared and they began a discussion on how to finetune and execute some of them.

Ideas can be amazing and life-transforming, however, if not properly documented and handled, they can become a burden, just like in Priye’s case. What was your last idea about? Did you write it down? How are you working to ensure it is executed? Or is it just another one for the archives?

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