Build Bridges Not Burn

Felicia and Greg have been rivals since the day they both stepped a foot in Radisson High. They were hired for similar roles and have been in competition ever since. It was easy for Felicia to scoop all the work and all the benefits that come with extra work. This was because Greg had married his sweetheart two years after they got the job.

A few years later, they were due for partner and Greg could feel the heat. It wasn’t easy especially now that they just had a set of twins. He had to help once in a while. This made it harder for him to concentrate at work. He shared his fears with his pastor. Explaining how he needed to make partner yet he fears not having time at home. “Prayers won’t work here, I need a miracle and I need it fast” Greg thought. He bargained with his wife and took a day off so he could catch up on projects. He also got his team to stay back and work late, he paid them with evening snacks and taxi fares. He knew they also had families to go to but he needed them.

Felicia on the other hand was bent on making partner and nothing was going to take that from her. She deviced means of ensuring Greg failed on all his projects. She ensured she dug dirt on his team members and threatened to expose them if they didn’t dance to her tune. Most complied and she got Greg failing delivery dates. It was obvious she was making partner and Greg felt defeated. He couldn’t catch up nor keep up with with Felicia’s antiques, so decided to do the best thing, the unexpected thing.

He walked up to his boss and pitched Felicia as “the best man for the job”. He told them he was ready to work with her to ensure she succeeded in her role. This amused their boss that he called Felicia in to ask her about making partner and how she would feel if Greg made partner instead. Without mincing words, Felicia pointed out Gregs weakness. A young family man can’t concentrate at work. Especially one who could not handle his team when they failed to meet deadlines.

Amused, their Boss called in the team members to find out their own side of the story. Why wasn’t Greg responsible enough to manage his team and get them to deliver. Out of respect, most of the affected team members spilled the beans and told on Felicia. The threats and abuses they got which kept them away for sometime. When asked why they confessed, they replied that if Felicia made partner, they would be out of jobs as they couldn’t work with a boss without empathy.

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