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Creation of wealth is an exchange of value and money is the outcome or result of such exchange. The world is changing and it seems Christians are being left behind. We need to make some changes and take charge.
Welcome to #MondayMarket with Coach Oliver.

Is there any reason why the richest man in Africa/the world is not a Christian and why the top 3 richest people in the world are not Christians? To answer this, let’s consider the Corrupt environment. Demand for bribe is one of the reasons Christians don’t thrive in an environment like Nigeria. Endemic corruption can be such a hindrance.

So how do we overcome? Try these time-tested ideas to overcome:

  1. Pray before we act – We ask God to order our steps and we shouldn’t end up staying at home. Action is a key requirement for business to prosper, although prayer is important as faith without works is dead. ACT today!
  2. Apprenticeship – Starting in business is a process and there is need to understudy market leaders and learn their process to avoid general pitfalls of business. Even if you do it for free, internship in your area of business before you venture into the real deal is critical. It’s ill-advised to jump into the mainstream without the practical experience and opportunities you get from an internship.
  3. Presentation – Christians leave everything to faith, however, there is a place of packaging and presentation. Christians must learn how to brand themselves and put together creative proposals to compete for business.
  4. Limited information/Lack of Knowledge – Entrepreneurs should learn every day and the most successful entrepreneurs have made reading a habit. Endeavour to read a book a month and take notes that you can implement in business.
  5. Bribery or Referral Fee – there’s a thin line between bribery and referral fee, there is a school of thought that any gift given to a client representative is a bribe. After extensive deliberation on the issue of bribe, we agreed that giving gifts to a client before the transaction is a bribe, however, giving after the execution of the transaction is not bribery but a referral or thank you fee. There’s nothing against a referral or thank you fee as long as it is acceptable to the client or is not against policy. Christians should make it a deliberate practice and have a policy around this practice to ensure it’s open and legal.

What are the challenges you’ve faced in trying to setup/run your business?

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