Business Communication

Communication is the ability to connect dual listeners. It is the passing of a message; with the message meaning something and evoking the right response. Business communication is used to promote a product/service/organization in order to make a sale.

Business communication can be done in the traditional way (Newspaper, print media, etc) or modern ways (web marketing, digital marketing, social media, etc). Two major types of business communication are Internal and External.

Internal Communication is communication within an organization; principally between the Human Resources Unit and the department in charge of communication. Internal communication takes three forms:

  1. Upward – this is communication from subordinate to superior
  2. Downward – communication from superior to subordinate
  3. Horizontal – communication between departments.

Benefits of Internal communication: it addresses organizational concerns, it helps to increase job satisfaction (when the employees feel heard), it increases efficiency and reduces grievances.

Modes of internal business communication include company emails, internal memos, company intranet, etc.

External Communication is any form of communication from the organization to the outside world. It can take various forms including sponsored articles, video conferencing, reports, presentations, telephone meetings, suggestion boxes, social media, etc.

Benefits of external communication to any organization include: increase in sales volume, better public credibility, improved operational efficiency, visible corporate imaging.

Messages emanating from your organization must be straight to the point, concise and consistent whether you are sending a letter bidding for a job or just posting on facebook. Taking the time to cross the “t”s and dot the “i”s can go a long way in how people perceive your organization and your brand.

People say actions speak louder than words; so, it is very important how you communicate within and outside your communication. You never want to say what you do not intend to or what you cannot do. This can lead to a loss of credibility. Even when posting on social media, ensure you are consistent with your message and always try to under-promise and over-deliver.

What are the various ways you communicate within and with-out your organization? Which has been most effective for you in increasing sales and improving efficiency? What other methods have you seen to be effective? Share with us in the comments section and have a successful week.

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