Business Worketh By Love

“For a business to thrive, it must find its why, its reason for being because business can’t be about money alone” – Simon Sinek.

According to Paul, the Apostle, faith grows, love should too. Is your business only about profitability or also about purpose? Does it solve a problem and is that solution what really drives you? It may seem anti-capitalist, but such solution strategy may be what separates Sony from the blossoming Apple.

So you got fired up by that fantastic idea, a very amazing idea that you believe will change both you and the world inside out and particularly the way people do things. It’s such a great idea that you went to work almost immediately. You got people to work with you on it. Initially, they were volunteers but now they’re hired. These guys seem dedicated, at least, they resume to work everyday except for weekends. They have a feeling of connection to the mission you set out to achieve and giving it their beat shot.

Today, that powerful idea has become a reality even though it’s still trying to get firm footing. Truth is, you have a business now with a couple of guys working with you on projects. Remember, business is simply about solving problems for people or for corporate clients at a profit.

When Biodun started his logistics business, it was difficult in the beginning. He was moved by the frustration people faced moving goods and he felt he could do something about it. That jump-started his 7 year old enterprise. At first, young lads from his neighborhood volunteered to run the errands at a token, then it became necessary to have something more concrete and engaging.

In a few years, it grew in leaps and bounds. Today they are still aggressively pursuing their vision. For Biodun, seeing the frustration people faced moved him to do something. The deeper truth is that it’s love that moved him in the beginning. Sometimes, it could be love for people, for money or for an industry he’s passionate about. In a matter of time, the real motive shows. To truly succeed in business, love needs to pervade every nook and cranny of your enterprise. It must be from top to bottom and across board. That passion must drive everything.

As CEO, Biodun’s love for his team was very real and that so significantly impacted them to do more for both the enterprise and the customers. As an entrepreneur, your love for either people or money will eventually show in how you treat your people and your customers. As your business achieves its profit goals, never forget it should also set out to achieve the goal of purpose. People dealing within and outside the business must find a connection to their purpose as well. If you take care of your real motive for starting your business, it will eventually take care of you and your future as well as those doing business with you and for you.

Entrepreneurship is not easy but it can really be fun when you follow your passion and serve humanity with love and candor or what do you think from your experiences?

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