Called To Extraordinary Living 2

TEXT: Revelations 5:9-10, Luke 11:32

The people who lived the extraordinary life were not just church people or ordinary Christians… They were the Disciples of Christ. We can’t make much impact just being “christian” (John 17:15). It is people who take their relationship with God to the next level that will make impact.

Every church is unique and important to God’s plan. Each fulfils a unique purpose just like the different parts of the human body. All bible-believing and scriptures-practising churches are important to God even though God is not particular about denominations. In fact, Apostle Paul used the human body as an illustration in Romans 12:3-8.

Denominations started from variations in interpretation of scriptures like one believes in men/women clothing, covering of hair, faith extenders, while the other does not. When did we reduce God’s kingdom to clothes and physical appearance or meat and drink. In Romans 12 We see struggles between Christian Jews and non-Jews, very sensitive issues like circumcision and food offerings.

Truth is Rome needed to think in a new way consistent with the new way and recognize that God wants a united and spiritually mature body, and that He wants us to excel in the gifts and abilities He has given to us for all Christians. So we see that God anoints individuals who build institutions and not the other way round.

WhiteOlive helps you make that decision to move from Christian to Disciple (Matthew 7:14 MSG) who would build great kingdom institutions. WhiteOlive’s purpose has a two-pronged approach (Revelations 5:10) both of which are set out as follows:

  1. Turning people into influencers and authorities.
  2. Calling people to extraordinary living… to make it a lifestyle and a way of life, to become extraordinary people (Mark 1:17, Matthew 4:18-20).

Our mission of turning people into disciples will be fulfilled through our BID (Matthew 5:13-16), which is an acronym for:

  • BRINGING all to the awareness of the Christ culture – Christ is the transformer of culture. There is nothing wrong with culture, it’s only when it runs contrary to God’s word, will & purposes. Christ culture is what connects you with God & afterwards with the people (Luke 24:49).
  • IMPACTING spheres of influence – We do not choose between Christ and culture, rather God uses Christ in us to shape and influence where we daily operate from in the marketplace. Christ and what He stands for must show in your marketplace daily.
  • DEMONSTRATING extraordinary living. (Revelations 5:10, John 3:8, Romans 8:19) by simply living like Christ and doing what Jesus would do.

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