Can Love Wait?

Imisi sat at her desk with a pen in her hand; she sat staring at the notebook, not really knowing what to write. She was at the right place in her life – she had a great job, a car, money in the bank but still lacked one thing, a “good” man.

At 34, she was not in any relationship. In fact, after her last relationship crashed about a year ago, she had since vowed not to invest in anybody but herself. She also decided to deepen her relationship with God until He deems it time to send a man her way. Lately, though, her mind had been drifting back to relationships so her goal that morning was to write down qualities she needed in a man.

‘God fearing’ was at the top of the list. A man who loves God and displays it in his service to God and the way he treats other people. ‘Working & earning’ – whether for himself or for someone else. He must not be idle. ‘Comfortable’ – she was not materialistic but she wanted a guy who could pay his bills and didn’t leave a string of debts in his trail. ‘Honest’ – Even though God-fearing was at the top of the list and it was expected that a God-fearing guy will be honest, she didn’t want to rule out the infallibility of man.

She picked up her bible and thumbed through… stopping at Ephesians 5:22-33. As she meditated and prayed over what she had read, the Voice came to her as she expected it to… “I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have plans far greater and better than you can ever plan for yourself. For I know you and what is best for you. Follow me still, follow me now and I will settle you. Imisi, I know you by name, if you are in a hurry to get married, then I will let you go ahead but there’s so much to do before then”.

Imisi felt the tears on her face as she confessed her need for God and surrendered to His will. His love was more than enough for her and she basked in it as she went about her day with her head virtually in the clouds and peace beyond her understanding. Imisi was certain God wasn’t done with her yet. She was assured that everything, her whole life was secure.

She determined in herself to live life to its best and be joyful in God. She knew He would do it. His love was enough and a man’s love could wait.

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