Can You Be Trusted?

They say a chain is as strong as its weakest link. The weakest link jeopardizes the strength of the entire chain. Do you enjoy working with a colleague or a team member who will always drop the ball – the weakest link? One who is most likely to rubbish everyone’s time, energy and efforts of several months.

Kojo is that kind of person. He’s worked with a multinational freight forwarding company for 4 years now. Like any other young professional, he has his future figured out but he fails to acknowledge his challenges. He can’t seem to fully handle a task from start to finish. Something was always going wrong. His last boss in the former organization he worked for was too glad to let him go.

He believed Kojo couldn’t be trusted to handle any project successfully without a hitch. He couldn’t confidently say Kojo was good on his job hence he neither trusted nor committed serious projects to him.

But trust is borne out of competence and capacity to successfully handle preassigned tasks. If you’re not very good on your job, it will be very difficult for you to be trusted.

What that translates into is that, no one can go to sleep because you’re on that particular job. None of your team members can take a risk on you. People have fears and doubts about them. When they leave the room, they continue to worry if you’ll deliver as scheduled.

If you can’t be trusted, you would know definitely because of the scrutiny and micromanaging from other team members. Unfortunately, it takes time to build the trust. However, you can still give it your best shots.

The easiest way is to show competence on the job and this would entail regularly updating your skills. Follow through on any assigned task. Plan your work and execute your projects dutifully. Get all the help you need. Share information quickly among your team and document progress. Take responsibilities for your work.

Be honest about your skill sets & the skill gaps. Show transparency especially with people that can help. Be deliberate about personally connecting with every member of your team. It can work magic. Be deliberate about delivering quality work.

Take time to go over what you’ve done to be sure it’s top notch. Be sure to be bold, carry yourself well and develop self confidence and trust, even though these require some time.

In all, commit your ways into the hands of your maker who knows it all and you can become a shining light.


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