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You see it on E! Then you get to hear all about it on the artist’s album. Celebrity couples seem to come together to fall apart. Musicians like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have made it big by making songs about their relationships and seemingly inevitable breakups. And while Naija artists are yet to give themselves to the same strain of inspiration, theirs too are transient love lives that almost always end badly. It leaves the rest of us with the strong, undeniable notion that affection ends, and the sweet love song on the radio today is just the intro to tomorrow’s sad heartbreak jam.

You see all of this happen on TV and you come to the conclusion that: You know what…maybe we aren’t better together after all. Maybe it’s okay to try, fail, and try again… with someone new, a thousand times over. It’s okay to sing “All of me, loves all of you” on Monday, see another couple on Tuesday and sing “I want it that way”, break up on Wednesday and sing “I knew you were trouble when you walked in”, regret your decision on Thursday and sing “Is it too late now to say sorry?”, get back together on Friday and sing “As long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke”, have someone cheat on Saturday and sing “But I know that he knows I’m unfaithful and it kills him inside”, get dumped on Sunday and sing “Reckless love” at church.

In the end, it’s always the same old song. You rarely hear anyone admit that they were at least one half of the problem in their failed relationship (at the very least the fact that you chose to be with the wrong person gives you culpability). Instead like the celebrity, we claim to be in the right, we rebound with someone else, drown ourselves in work or find God. Even with all these things, you cannot escape the fact that you were made to love someone else. God says you couldn’t possibly love Him if you haven’t first loved your brother or sister whom you’ve seen. You can’t just Angelina Jolie it, that is, do some charity and mismanage the very important, very real relationships in your life. Love, be it eros (romantic) or Philadelphia (platonic) is not a feeling that comes and goes. It is a decision.

Some of us can’t even love our significant others, how could we possibly love our enemies? Enemies. Yes. All that talk of “my enemy is broke”, “my enemy is sick” or “it is my enemy that will die” is not faith talk, it’s dirty talk!

The Bible records on the day of Jesus’ birth, that He came to restore peace between God and men, and peace between men and men. The idea of “haters gonna hate” is unfounded.

You can almost always tell which celebrity couples will likely break up. The ones with a huge age gap, for instance, it doesn’t take a whiz kid to figure out that it may end savagely. And it’s the same with you, why ignore the telltale signs at first then sing the breakup song later? We can also recognize when two people could’ve easily worked things out. But unlike a certain Kardashian, we refuse to push through and let love change our surname to West when things go south. True love produces good and great moments. True love survives bad and terrible moments. True love starts with the right person and never quits on the right person.

Musicians have great voices and even better songwriters. They can tell us all about how love looks and feels and burns. But they’re rarely able to show us how love never ends. Those music videos, of Ed Sheeran dancing with a girl and a cat in the snow, makes you recognize and embellish love when you see it. But there’s more to love than that. So before you model your love life after anyone. I ask you to look to the stars. I don’t mean the musicians. I don’t mean the lights in the sky either. I mean look up to The One who is Love. Let Him lead. Because when Love leads, heartbreak never follows.

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