May 2017
WhiteOlive_MondayMarket_Your business & good works

Every business enterprise exists for a particular reason among many others & that is for profit. An enterprise solves economically viable problems at a profit. That’s the fact or else you don’t have a business. Whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, you’re in business to solve few of our problems in a profitable & sustainable way. It’s a lofty & good thing to embark on such a venture to improve the quality of our lives generally. Whatever value you offer in the marketplace is exceptionally brilliant, it’s good works & it matters. Businesses do good works and......

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WhiteOlive_MondayMarket_Celebrate your workers

Celebrate Your Workers

As the world marks the #WorkersDay today, we encourage entrepreneurs to celebrate their workers. You may run an #SME or a very large business organization. You have a small or large work force helping build the vision of your organization. We encourage all business people & entrepreneurs to give a special shout out to all their staff. Despite the dynamics of your HR department, the worker still deserves the attention of today. Managing workers may have been a herculean task. Some are even frustrating the business. Acknowledge & celebrate the little drops/input of the worker to build the numbers...

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WhiteOlive_MondayMarket_Entrepreneurship is stewardship

Entreprenuership Is Stewardship

Long ago, a community was wallowing in poverty because there had not been rain for about 3 years. In desperation, a certain man prayed to God for intervention & got an idea of an invention never seen before. He was able to create a device that could pull water from under the ground to the surface. As soon as the device became operational, many farmers wanted it for irrigation of their drought stricken farmlands. In no time, he was able to hire a large number of young unemployed men to help in this new ‘business venture’. He suddenly became...

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WhiteOlive_MondayMarket_Get good advice

Get Good Advice

Hello there and welcome to the Easter Monday edition of #MondayMarket with the topic ‘Get Good Advice’ Business is tough because it involves making tough choices. Entrepreneurship combines business & leadership. So entrepreneurship is tougher, it’s meeting people’s needs in a systematic and profitable way. The entrepreneur needs to connect with people who can help make the dream a reality. Business is first of all a deliberate attempt to fill a societal vacuum than an attempt to collect societal money. Entrepreneurs who make the most money are those with structured & systematic way of solving problems. They work with...

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WhiteOlive_My money vs business money

My Money vs Business Money

Hello and welcome to #MondayMarket where we shall be discussing ‘My Money vs Business Money’. For Mrs. James, a textile trader, it’s always drama when it comes to issues of money in her business and her emotions. She has been in the textile business for over 18 years & always complained about her inability to meet financial obligations. One would expect that, with her years of experience in business, she should have overcome certain money challenges but it’s been the same story for many entrepreneurs, they can’t separate their personal money from the business funds. Mrs. James’ struggles to...

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WhiteOlive_Think Globally

Think Globally

Every successful global enterprise is started by visionary entrepreneurs in a small town or city. Are you ready to think globally? Welcome to a new week of new and promising opportunities. Today on #MondayMarket, we discuss the art of global thinking. At the beginning, most don’t even have all that it takes to make a small business grow and become great but with tenacity of purpose and determination, those businesses have become global brands today. As entrepreneurs, the capacity to be global in thinking is a rare but strategic gift you can give to your business. This is because...

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WhiteOlive_Sell your vision

Sell Your Vision

Every great business was first an idea in the mind of the entrepreneur before it became real. Through nurture, dedication and determination, it blossoms into something bigger than the entrepreneur. Somewhere along the line, other people eventually subscribe to become part of that vision. People become part of a business at different levels and for a variety of reasons & purposes. Whether you’re pitching to a customer, investor, or potential hire, the ability to sell one’s vision with passion & conviction is important. This is a story of a young, promising entrepreneur, Tom, and his 15-month old logistics venture...

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WhiteOlive_#MondayMarket_First Within

First Within

The journey of success is first an internal journey before it becomes reality in the physical. It is first within, then without; a powerful law for those who want to do something great with their lives. All global brands scattered across the world started as little but ‘living’ ideas in the minds of their founders. Every tangible thing in our world is created twice and so is every great invention, organization and achievement. Great entrepreneurs of our world today embarked on a journey in their minds before the realities caught up with them. How far have you travelled in...

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WhiteOlive_Power of delegation

Power Of Delegation

Hi there and welcome to #MondayMarket. Today, we discuss the “Power Of Delegation”. It’s difficult for an entrepreneur to start & eventually turn a business into a successful global brand all alone because business is about meeting needs profitably. You will definitely need people who will help bear some of the load. Many entrepreneurs are unable to leverage the gifts, talents & skills of people who work with them and often times, this frustrates everyone on board: the entrepreneur, the business and team members. As such, entrepreneurs are stressed, overworked & unproductive because they refuse to see beyond themselves....

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WhiteOlive_Dealing With Competition

Dealing With Competition

Hello friend, time for another business changing edition of #MondayMarket and the topic for today is ‘Dealing With Competition’ Let’s dive straight in. It took Mike his whole life’s savings to put up his hotel business; a dream he’s always had since he was younger. He had always loved the hospitality business, paying close attention to the activities of the few highly rated hotels in Lagos. He believes he is the next ‘Doyen’ of the hospitality business in Nigeria and he wants to rival the ‘Marriotts’ and the ‘Hiltons’. This particular project had tasked him so much in terms of...

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