Negotiation Skills 1

It was way past the closing time, Femi still sat at his work station, thinking on how to solve the problem at hand. The management had given him the task of negotiating with the community to avoid more distractions to their ongoing project. Well, he has always seen himself as a problem-solver and prides himself …

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Made For More

Deji stood in front of the mirror for the tenth time. He knotted his tie again looking for any signs of imperfection; he had spent almost an hour getting ready for work. He will be attending his first management meeting today and God knows how long he had been looking forward to this very moment! …

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Slow Down

Tejiri James is a self-employed I.T guru. He is actually very good at what he does and fast-rising too. He is always tempted by the opportunity to make money and so hardly turns his client down. So he always has loads of jobs, appointments and deadlines to meet. He gradually developed a reputation for not …

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Fred 2.0 By Mark Sanborn

Passion is about aligning and arranging your work and your life in such a way that you do the things you love as often as you can. The origin of the word passion can be traced to the Greek word that means suffering and submission. We can not say we are passionate when we do …

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Fred 2.0

Sounds like a computer, right? Or maybe a virus?! But Fred is a real-life person like you and I. Fred Shea is a postman who currently works and lives in Cherry Creek area in Denver, Colorado with his wife and two kids. He is not someone who existed a long time ago, but is a …

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Swimming With The Sharks

Emma walked into the cafeteria with a well-rehearsed smile plastered on her face to mask how she truly felt. She would not let them catch her wallowing in sadness. That is exactly where they want her to be. Never! She would rather have them see her smiling than wearing a long face. She was nothing …

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