Shocked By Honesty 2

Tade sat at his desk wondering what he should do. This was one time too many that he’s having altercations with his boss. He loved his job as an Accountant and being in a medium sized accounting firm has its perks because you could be a star all by yourself, like a big fish in …

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Shocked By Honesty

It was a thrilling moment for Nonso when he was summoned into a meeting with the regional manager, his Line Manager and a representative from the HR department. “I don blow”, he thought to himself, “Time to move up the corporate ladder”. He zoomed off into the board room like a man with strings in …

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Toxic Love?

Dennis stared into empty space, as each word hurt like a dagger in his heart. His words had been taken out of context, and his intentions misunderstood – he wished the ground would just swallow him up. He was standing in the MD’s office, facing a disciplinary committee, staring into disapproving faces of his manager …

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Get Your Balance

It’s the beginning of another year. The reality of the new year is settling gradually and the career forecast has started for many professionals. Olamide works for a construction company as a mid-level executive; he’s a certified project manager and quite good on the job. He has been married for a few years and blessed …

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Get New Motivations

For so long, our attitude to life has been more of “happen to life or life happens to you”. Therefore, our approach to work and especially the marketplace has NOT been deliberate. Many people just want a job for survival, some want something gratifying and materially tangible; while others see their job as an opportunity …

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Activate Your Career Goals

On your mark, get set, go! That’s the new song you should be singing now after the roller coaster of 2017. This is especially true for marketplace professionals, it’s time take off into the new year. Some people have taken off at full speed while others will gradually warm up to it but whatever happens, …

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Staying Relevant In 2018

In a recession, organizations find it hard to meet their financial obligations. Many tend to go for cost saving mechanisms such as downsizing, or ‘rightsizing’, that results in people losing their jobs; people are considered irrelevant and not crucial to the company’s survival. Here are a few helpful tips to keep us relevant in the …

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Truly Thankful

“It’s so easy to take things for granted & I mean EVERYTHING, especially if things just work on autopilot for you”, said Lanre. For a moment, Martha was lost in thought about what her friend & colleague, Lanre just said. They were having lunch at a restaurant across their office complex. “You didn’t have to …

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